Serving, the path to greatness

Serving, the path to greatness

Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things… Matthew 25:21, 23. The story above illustrates quite plainly that the pathway to greatness in life is the road of faithful service, commitment and loyalty. The first two men who served their master by trading with the talents they were given and made profits with them were immediately commissioned to take care of cities. If these supposed businessmen were busy praying (with no work of service) to be made city mayors of cities, their prayers would have been a wasted effort because their master needed faithful men to manage his empire.

Stories are told of men and women who started in a company as common contract staff but eventually rose to managerial position because of commitment over several years. There are some heights of greatness that are only bestowed on men because of the trust God has in them through their faithfulness in service. When we serve, be it in the home, the society or the church, we are only paving a way for our greatness. If we are not faithful in another man’s business, Jesus said no one will commit our own into our hands.

You desire greater responsibility, better pay, and more blessing, loftier heights, diligently serve the Lord and the people in the capacity you are now. God sees your commitment; men see your commitment. In due time, exaltation shall come for you if you do not relent, get fed up or cut corners.

Prayers only, will not get you to the top of the ladder. Start serving your way to the height of greatness.