Operating in the supernatural

Operating in the supernatural

God is absolutely supernatural. He is not limited by the things you see and experience here in this physical world.

Acts 17:28 says, “In him we live, and move, and have our being.”

From the above scripture, we see that God intended for mankind to live in Him and like Him. The normal Christian life is for you to consistently draw upon God’s ability and power for your everyday life. If you aren’t walking in the supernatural, miraculous power of God, you are living below your privileges, in a substandard life. That might seem strong, but it’s true. If your life isn’t supernatural, then it’s superficial. The story in Matt 14:22-33 reveals a powerful truth about the miraculous – to walk on water, you must get out of the boat! Most of the disciples were clinging to the slim hope that the boat gave them. They were in a raging storm, so it’s probable that the boat was filled with water just like another time on that sea (Mark 4:37). It was foolish to step out of the boat onto the water, but that’s what God told Peter to do. He had to go beyond his own ability and trust that God would keep him from sinking.

Likewise, many of us are afraid to step away from the world and out on the word that God has given us. We want the miraculous but don’t want to leave the relative safety of what everyone else is doing. But just like this boat, the world is in crisis. Without the Lord, it’s going to sink anyway so why are we afraid to leave the mundane and trust God for a miracle? Peter was willing to risk it all. There are reasons that some people see miracles and others don’t. It’s not fate or luck. God doesn’t pick and choose; there are principles we have to follow to see His power manifest. If you don’t understand that, that’s one of the reasons you’re having problems. But you, too, can see the miraculous power of God.

God made each one of us for greatness, but not greatness by the world’s definition; the Lord wants to release His miracle-working power in you. He wants to make your life better than your biggest dream.